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   WOW! Sorry it took me so long to update this site. I've had a busy week outside of the wrestling world, so I haven't had a lot of time to get this updated.

So I finally broke down and bought the domain! The site should be moved over there very soon. I will leave this up on the tripod servers for a while, but soon you'll have to go to

So my recent match was in Bourbon Indiana with Mayhem Pro Wrestling. I faced off against a hometown legend, the one, the only............. JD Elite! Okay okay so maybe everyone doesn't see him as a legend but time is a long process, you'll come to find out.

So yeah, me and JD no DQ match. Funnily enough the no DQ played little to no significance to the match. Toward the end of the match I sprained my foot doing a moonsault, and the rest was pretty much history. JD was able to beat me after that nailing me with a Nocturnal Emission off the TOP ROPE!, a frog splash, AND a sit-down springboard moonsault. And just to make sure I wasn't getting up he used the ropes to help keep my shoulders pinned to the mat.

I really like workin with JD. Working with him is different than with everyone else. I mean our styles are similar and we both have what I consider a good mind for the business. Thats not a knock on any other guys, just that a lot of them have other stuff going on in life, and their minds are completely focused on the task at hand. Performing. JD and I are able to zone everything out and do some pretty amazing stuff. Had things gona better (IE my foot) we could have easily had a fantastic ass match. Overall I'm extremely pleased with it, and it is prolly my best match yet, I just know things would have kept goin had I not hurt my foot.  Sorry bro.

Anyways, congrats to JD Tommy Drastic and Big Daddy Dean on a strong showing in their hometown. Congrats to the MPW staff and workers who helped put on a helluva show. Thanks to the city of bourbon who played a tremendous crowd for us, and thanks to God for allowing all of that.

Until next week.